Renewable Energy in Thwing Parish

Thwing & Octon Parish Council have successfully applied for a grant to develop a feasibility study to implement renewable energy sources for the Parish.

This project is supported by BEIS funded Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) which is managed by the North East Yorkshire and Humber Energy Hub and managed by Tees Valley Combined Authority.

The UK is at the forefront in using clean energy sources to power and heat homes. The Parish Council took this opportunity to try and develop a plan to future proof the parish from the coming bans on wet wood and coal for heating homes, and increasing resilience for electricity price volatility, whilst contributing to the UK's decarbonisation targets.

The study funded by RCEF was conducted by Avieco, a sustainability consultancy with several years experience in carbon and energy assessments.

The study evaluated renewable energy options for power generation, home heating and street lighting.



The study considered both centralised and individual options for renewable energy implementation in the Parish.

Centralised Options: - solar PV plants and district heating networks. Wind energy was considered and rule out due to planning restrictions in the area. (Note that the Wolds has applied for registration as an Area of Outstanding National Beauty)

Individual Options: - like rooftop solar PV panels, solar thermal panels and heat pumps

Street Lighting: - we aim to have self-sufficient light poles, with integrated PV panels and LED lamps.


Surveys were conducted throughout the parish 

A Community Engagement day was held on the 10th October 2020     Presentation   link


Appendix to engagement Day

Appendix B

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Summary Report

Final Report