Planning Applications


Full details of all planning applications can be found on the ERYC web site.

Planning Application 20/02208/PLF

Proposal: Erection of a single storey extension to rear, following demolition of existing single storey extensions and erection of two dog kennels at rear for private use (part retrospective application) (amended 10.08.2020 to include installation of a roof light)

Location: Falling Stone, Main Street, Thwing, YO25 3DS

Applicant: Mr & Mrs Gray

Application Type: Full Planning


Planning Application 20/01810/PLF

Proposal: Construction of vehicular access into existing agricultural land

Location: Land North East of Eastgate Farm, Main Street Thwing,

Applicant: A M & E A Atkinson

Application Type: Full Planning Permission

Application approved 03.08.2020


Planning Application 20/01170/PLF

Proposal: Erection of a grain store following demolition of existing piggery

Location: Pear Tree Farm, Wold Newton Road, Thwing, YO25 3DT

Applicant: Mr Tim Burdass

Application Type: Full Planning Permission


Planning Application 20/01430/PLF

Proposal: Change of Use of Land from agricultural to holiday/tourism including the siting of 6 yurts with associated infrastructure and erection of an amenity block

Location: Land North of Wold Lodge, Rainsburgh Lane, Wold Newton, YO25 3YN

Applicant: Mr Ian Tiffany

Application Type: Full Planning Permission

Approved 15.07.2020



Planning Application 19/04046/PLF

Proposal: Change of use of reservoir to dwelling, erection of a single storey extension and associated works

Location: Unused Reservoir, Kilham Lane, Thwing, 

Applicant: Mrs Ince

Application Type: Full planning permission

Approved 27 March 2020


Planning Application 20/00157/Telecom

Proposal: Installation of a 12m high smart metering radio mast with 1 smart metering Omni antenna, i smart metering GPS antenna and 1 smart metering 3G antenna including ancillary equipment incorporating a smart metering enclosure and power pillar

Location: Land North East of Prospect House Octon Rd Thwing YO25 3EA

Applicant Arqiva Ltd

Application Type: Telecommunications  Prior notifications no approval required


Planning Application 19/02249/PLF

Proposal: Alterations to roof of existing front projection to increase height of ridge and to adjoin to roof of main dwelling, installation of rooflights to front, side and rear and erection of single storey extension to rear following removal of existing outbuildings

Location: Ye Olde Forge Main Street Thwing East Riding Of Yorkshire YO25 3DY Applicant: Mr John Freeman

Approved 6/09/2019


  Planning Application Ref 19/01122/PLF                                                                                                                                                      Change of use of land for the erection of shower/toilet block, siting of 3 camping pods and associated parking and landscaping. Applicant Mr & Mrs D Jibson. Location: Land South East of 2 Old Octon Farm Cottages, Octon Grange Lane, Y025 3EB Approved

Planning Application Ref 19/00660/PLF

Conversion of existing milking parlour to holiday let 

Location:  2 Old Octon Farm Cottages




Planning Application: Ref 18/03827/PLF

​Change of Use from public house and managers flat to dwelling, erection of a single storey extension to rear, construction of dormer windows to rear and demolition of existing extensions and outbuildings (Resubmission of 17/02482/PLF

Location: The Falling Stone , Main Street, Thing, YO25 3DS



Planning Application: 18/03079/PLF

Erection of slurry tank

Location: Land North East of Eastgate Farm Main St Thwing



​Planning Application: Ref 18/00676/PLF

​Continued use of farm buildings as workshop and office in connection with furniture repair and sale of antique furniture.

Location: Angilou  Octon Manor, Octon Grange Lane, YO25 3EB

Approved 3 May 2018



Planning Application: Ref 17/02482/PLF

​Change of Use from public house and managers flat to dwelling including part demolition of existing extensions and outbuildings

Location: The Falling Stone , Main Street, Thing, YO25 3DS

This application  has been refused on the grounds that the applicant has failed to provide sufficient clear evidence to demonstrate that the existing public house is no longer economically viable, and further failed to provide evidence that they have marketed the premises as a community facility, contrary to sub-section C.1 of policy C2 of the ERLP SD and section 2 and paragraph 28 of the NPPF. Furthermore, the church room is not sufficient to serve the needs of the community, therefore the application fails to comply with sub-section C.3 of policy C2 of the ERLP SD and section 2 and paragraph would 28 of the NPPF.  The loss of the public house would therefore fail to maintain the vibrancy of the village and would not achieve a sustainable pattern of development contrary to policies S1 and S4 of the ERLP and guidance in the NPPF


Planning Application :  Ref: 17/00566/PLF

Erection of two storey extension to side following demolition of single storey extension

Location : Willow Cottage, Main Street, Thwing. YO25 3DS

This application has been approved with the condition that external materials match existing ones


Planning Application : Ref 17/01241/STPLF

Erection of an agricultural building for pig finishing on land North of Eastgate Farm

Approved subject to conditions on access, and  public rights of way, and archaeological work


Planning Application : Ref 17/01069/PLF

Erection of agricultural storage building

Location: Octon Manor , Octon Grange Lane, YO25 3EB

Approved subject to conditions on archaeological work