Dates for Forthcoming Parish Council Meetings



Monday 28th February 

Monday 21st March

Monday 25th April

Tuesday 17th May +AGM

Monday 20th June

Monday 18th July

Monday 19th September

Monday 17th October

Monday 21st November

Monday 19th December



         Monday 18th January

        Monday 15th February

        Monday 15th March

        Monday 19th April

        Monday 17th May

        Monday 21st June

        Monday 19th July

        Monday 20th September

        Monday 18th October

        Monday 15th November

        Monday 13th December


Monday  20th  January                         

Monday 10th February                        

Monday 16th March                               

Monday 20th April        cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions                        

Monday 18th May        Remote meeting via zoom                           

Monday 22nd June       remote meeting     

Thursday 9th July extra ordinary remote meeting                   

Monday 20th July         remote meeting                       

August   24th extra ordinary meeting via zoom          

Monday 28th September                       

Monday 26th October      

Monday 23th November                       

December     None                 


All meetings start at 7.00pm members of the public and press are welcome to attend​

please contact the clerk on for link to remote meetings