Local Attractions

Thwing Mere (Formerly known as East Keld)

​This is one of the parcels of land in the land section of Register Unit CL69 (ER) in the Register of Common Land maintained by The East Riding of Yorkshire

​The area known as East Keld was awarded, allotted and assigned by the Thwing Enclosure Award, dated 18 September 1770, to the Churchwardens of the Parish of Thwing as a common watering place for the use of the owners and occupiers of lands and grounds within the townships of Thwing & Octon and Octon Grange. 

​The land awarded to the Churchwardens was transferred to the Parish Council by section 6(1)(b) and 6 of the Local Government Act 1894

​The Mere was restored several years ago by the Parish Council, but has since become overgrown. Following our Community Plan survey, and thanks to funding support from The Peoples Postcode Local and Lisset Wind Farm Fund the Parish  Council have  once again restored the Mere and created a recreational area on the section of ground between  the Mere and the Bridlington Road., whilst leaving a natural wild life habitat to the rear.  Some trees have been cut back, and new trees planted along the road side, around the Mere banks.  The Mere itself has been de-silted and a good part of the overgrown reeds removed. Thanks to additional funding from The Year of Green Action, bird, bat and bug boxes  have been installed.  Funding has also been granted from Tesco Bags of Help and The Postcode Local Fund which covered the majority of the initial work.

Work continues and daffodil bulbs have been planted along the top bank, and additional seating has been installed. 

​If you wish to be involved please contact either Edd Peacock (Octon) or Sandra Morrison (01262 470496)