East Riding Local Plan Review

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Safe & Sound Grant Financial Year 2017-2018

This scheme is aimed at providing home security support for residents to stay safe in their own home.  Resident can apply if they are disabled and/or over 60 and are renting in either private sector or from a Housing Association or own their own homes​.

They cannot have more than an accumulated bank balance linked to the address of over £23500 and should not have applied for the grant in the last 2 years.​

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Adoption of the East Riding of Yorkshire Statement of Community Involvement (2017)

The East Riding of Yorkshire Statement of Community Involvement (2017) (SCI) was adopted by the  Council on 30 May 2017 


The SCI sets out how the Council will involve the community in the preparation of the Local Plan and Supplementary Planning Documents.

The adopted document can be viewed on line at 


Bulk Oil Buying Scheme

​The YORSwitch Bulk Oil Buying scheme is a members scheme that individual residents can join. 

Oil is ordered every month from

further information can be obtained from http:/ scheme/


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