Councillors areas of Responsibilities and Committees

Councillors areas of Responsibilities and sub committees    
Cllr D McDermott Chairman 01262 470987 Telephone Kiosk    
Cllr E Peacock Vice Chair 07792 398320 Rural Energy Sub Committee  
      Mere Project    
      Defibrillator caretaker  
Cllr A A Frost   01262 470496 Rural Energy Sub Committee  
      Roads, Highways and street scene
      Mere Project    
      Rural Housing sub committee  
Cllr P Burdass   01262 470655 Mere Project    
      Wold Newton Rd Planter  
Cllr G Coe   07860 656826 Rural Energy Sub Committee  
      Mere Project    
Cllr C Oxtoby   01262 470255        
Mrs S Morrison Clerk 01262 470496 Rural Energy Sub Committee  
      Thwing Planters & crossroads  
      Rural Housing sub committee  


List of Councillors


David McDermott        Chairman               Manor Farm Cottage         Main Street              Thwing       YO253DS                          01262 470987

Edward Peacock         Vice Chair              Octon Lodge Farm            Seamer Road          Octon        YO253BJ                            07792398320

Andrew Frost                                                 The Grange                         Main Street              Thwing       YO25 3DY                          01262  470496


Patrick Burdass                                             Pear Tree Farm                    Wold Newton Rd     Thwing       YO25 3DT

Gavin Coe                                                     Keepers Cottage               Octon                                           YO25  3BJ                        07860656826

Chris Oxtoby                                                  Middle Cottage                 Main Street               Thwing       YO25  3DY                        01262 470255


Parish Clerk

​Sandra Morrison                                            The Grange                         Main Street              Thwing        YO25 3DY                        01262 470496


Election of Councillors

Our chairman and vice chairman are elected every year at our annual meeting held in May. Parish Councillors are elected every 4 years and the next election year is 2023

Casual vacancies can sometimes occur during the period and when this occurs, the Clerk should inform Electoral Services at the Principal Authority.  Electoral Services will put notices up (or send them to the Clerk to put up) advertising the vacancy.
The notice allows for a period of 14 days in which 10 people can call for an election.  If so called, an election must be held within 60 days of the notice of the vacancy, otherwise there can be a co-option. (Rule 8 of the Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) Rules 1986).   


We currently have 3 vacancies for a parish councillor  and if you wish to be considered for co-option please enquire to the clerk Sandra Morrison The Grange, Main Street, Thwing, YO25 3DY Tel 01262 470496 Councillor's introduction Guide 


The attached Being a Good Councillor Guide may also be useful



Ward Councillors

Thwing & Octon form part of the East Wolds and Coastal Ward which covers 21 villages and has a population of approx. 14, 650. Our ward Councillors are Jane Evison Portfolio holder for Economy Investment, Tourism and Health, Jonathon Owen (Deputy Leader of ERYC) and Paul Lisseter.

Councillor Vacancy  

We currently have 1 vacancy.  If you are interested in helping us improve and maintain the parish for the benefit of the community, please apply

to Sandra Morrison on 01262 470496


Thwing & Octon Parish Council is a member of East Riding and North Lincolnshire Local Council Association (ERNLLCA)

The East Riding and Northern Lincolnshire Local Councils Association, known as ERNLLCA, is an independent body which supports parish and town councils in the North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire. There is an equivalent organisation for each “shire county” area or equivalent in the country and all of these bodies, which are known as County Associations, join together as members of the National Association of Local Councils, or as it is more commonly known, NALC.

Our representatives for the ERNLLCA District Committee meetings are Cllr David McDermott and Cllr Andrew Frost

ERNLLCA (and its predecessor organisation, the Humberside Association of Parish and Town Councils) has been serving parish and town councils, and parish meetings, since 1974. 

Through ERNLLCA we have access to relevant legal information, we are kept abreast and updated on new legislation and are able to access training and improvement through management and development for councillors and staff.